The day we celebrate all mothers

Mother's Day

Our elegant rose quartz necklace is the perfect gift for Mother's Day as it symbolizes love and cordiality. It will remind her of her value and importance to the family and promote emotional balance. It is a meaningful and sentimental gift that will warm her heart and show her how much she is appreciated.
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The wedding season has started


If you are in the process of planning your wedding, we highly recommend adding a piece of crystal jewellery to your wedding outfit. Crystals can add an extra dimension of elegance and style to your attire and at the same time add a positive energy to the event. A crystal necklace will complement your wedding dress and add an extra touch of sparkle to your overall look on your big day. We wish you a wonderful and unforgettable wedding day!
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The personal gift

Confirmation or baptism

A zodiac necklace is a great gift for a baptism or confirmation as it is a personal and meaningful item. It represents the recipient's unique characteristics and can be carried with them for a lifetime as it is made of high quality materials, making it a timeless piece of jewellery.
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Babyshower og partner gift

New Moms

The "New Beginnings" bracelet with moonstone is perfect for a baby shower or as a gift for a new mother. The crystal symbolizes new life and is a beautiful way to show your love and support.
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Clear Quartz

The Graduation Gift

Our rock crystal necklace is a perfect graduation gift that, with its simple and beautiful design, reminds the recipient to stay focused and 'grounded' in the future. It promotes physical, emotional and spiritual well-being that supports the recipient in pursuing their goals and creating a meaningful future.
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